Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baked Potato Soup (b/c it's feeling like fall)


Please let me repeat if you missed what I just said I.LOVE.PINTEREST.
I would marry it if I could, imagine the wealth of knowledge I would become!

However, the one thing I don’t care for about Pinterest is that there is no great space to put notes about the item.  I know you can add comments, but it doesn’t keep your text formats.  For most items this is not an issue.  But for recipes I would love to see a picture of my object of affection, an ingredient list and cooking instructions! Right?

If I’m just Pinterest  dumb and there is a way to do this, will you please be a friend and tell me?  So until the time comes that either a) Pinterest adds this feature, or b) you let me know about this feature I’m going to problem solve this way: (step by step instructions) Post picture on blog of dish and ingredients, post to blog, pin it.  Is this vain?  Oh well, it solves my problems so here we go.

Baked Potato Soup, found here

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