Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bathroom Colors

Soooo, now that you've seen our guest bathroom before (in previous post)...and you've seen the current...maybe you can help with the future.

Even though the tile is in pretty good condition, we are done with the peachy-pinkness in the bathroom.  We bought enough tub and tile paint to cover the outside of the house and will give this bathroom a little makeover.  I've decided to go with the gray-blue color for walls...but OH the choices.

I'm thinking that I like the Jamestown Blue.  I don't know.  

So once I do decide on paint colors, then I need to decide on accessory colors.  Do you do a dark brown this this kind of blue?  A black for contrast against the blue and white? A gold/yellow....a burnt orange? My decorating skills are about equal with my house keeping skills, so if anyone out there can help...will you please?????


  1. Ooh! We did a similar color in our master bedroom (I will look it up and tell you which one). I love it with silver accents, dark wood and a few pops of orange. It also looks so pretty next to white!! All of trim is white, our bed is dark walnut and it looks amazing with both! This shade of blue is can really come out a lot of different colors (purple, grey, little boy blue) ours -after many attempts-was the perfect balance of grey and dusty blue which is what we were going for!

  2. I love the blue-grey colors! I would love to see a pic when you get done. I want to paint our bedroom or bathroom a similar color but I know blue/greys are tricky like Heather said, so I dread paint shopping. Heather, I'd love the know the name of the color you used in your master bedroom too!

  3. we have our back hallway and bath and utility very similar to Jamestown - with white woodwork and it looks great. Seen it with dark and love it, too. Pewter accessories. I'm partial!


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