Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello there, Old School

Well, hello there old school picture (circa 2006).
This picture was taken in Reno, NV where Chris was presenting at a conference about bridge deck performance and concrete cracking...good times!

We flew to Vegas first stayed a few nights, then drove to Reno on the scenic route which took us by many Joshua trees and through lots of open range area!  Really, cows just on the side of the road who looked at you like you were a weirdo if you "moo'd" at them.

Chris and I took so many fun trips the first year we were together....and honestly we haven't taken a ton of trips to new places since then.  BUT...that does not mean that the fun ceases.  Whether we are watching Toy Story 3 for the fiftieth time, putting together a swing set, moving 2 tons of gravel, working in the yard or just hanging out- I have so much fun with this husband of mine.  He IS the best.

I don't write about him a ton on here, but I just thought you ought to know what a great husband he is.  I suppose I need to do a post about why he's the best daddy too.

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