Thursday, September 9, 2010

just as you are

Bunco (my sister, Jodie) got a book for Emmy titled "God Loves You".  It is written by Kathleen Long Bostrom.  I love this book because it completely emphasizes the fact that God loves you for being...YOU!  This is something that I want to instill in Emmy.  I want her to be a confident young woman who does not feel as though she needs to conform to the others or to the world to be accepted.

As a pre-teen and through the college years, I feel as thought I felt fairly true to myself.  I know there are times in middle school when I joined in on the gossiping in order to fit in.  I wish I would not have done that.  I know I hurt people.  When I knew that others were talking about me, I really could just brush it off and continue on with my day.  But I know not all people are like that- and I wasn't very cognisant of that fact.

I heard someone say once, that if all your friends from all of your different circles could be friends- then you are doing a pretty good job of staying consistent in who you are.  I feel that statement holds some you?  If you gathered all of your friends, could they get along?  Would they hold the same values?

Wow, I went off on a tangent and I didn't mean to- really, I just wanted to share this book with you.  I hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with Emmy.

"God Loves You"

You can be silly or you can be sad.
You can be merry or you can be mad.
You can be grumpy or you can be glad,
God loves you just as you are.

You can be short or you can be tall.
You can be big or you can be small.
Your size and your shape don't matter at all,
God loves you just as you are.

You can be messy or you can be neat.
You can be poky or fast on your feet.
March with the others or to your own beat,
God loves you just as you are.

You can be dark or you can be light.
You can be shades of the day or the night.
Whatever your color, it suits you just right,
God loves you just as you are.

God made each part from your head to your toe.
Day in and day out he is helping you grow.
God made you special and that's how you know,
God loves you just as you are.

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