Friday, September 10, 2010

12 months + 1

*finding new ways to play with old toys, an abacus turns into a walker, anything rectangular becomes a phone, etc
*can locate these parts of the body: head, eyes, belly, toes
*taking some steps, usually just a few at a time, but took 10 on thursday night (aug 26)
*another round of diaper rash, loose stools and puke...i guess just sensitve skin and digestive system.
*will not lay still for a diaper change
*can be very adament about doing things by herself
*new phrase "whoa, whoa, whoa" when in cozy coupe, or in a real car
*does gagging yourself feel good?  you do it all the time!
*walking many steps at a time
*you are rediscovering your voice and you babble while flipping through books as though you are reading
*papa has been visiting while he works in Tulsa, but when he's not here- you point to do the door and say papa's name, you miss him when he's gone
*trip to Sylva, NC to see TJ and Austin, first flight and you did pretty well.
*size 5 diaper, 18-24month clothes, size 3 shoe (but what does that matter? we've gone back to not liking shoes), 4 bottles/day (we are working on this one and transitioning to sippy)
*some days you eat table food like a champ, and other days you just want baby bananas. You always want soft food when your teeth are bothering you.
*you started eating cereal bars this month, they are very convenient....when you are in the mood to have them.
*it's the end of the month, and you are definitely a walker now!
*no new distinguishable words, but alot of "talking"
*you make us laugh, so genuinely- so often.  We love playing with you.  You like to rough-house, and that's ok because I'm pretty certain someday you will be prissy and I'll miss these days. 
*You wave your hands to music and your face just lights up. 
*You laugh at me when I spank your hand, unless I get really loud and give you "the look".  Then and only then do you realize that I'm serious.  I wish you would just stop when I say "no", I don't like to see you get teary because of me. 
*You are starting to slim down and the rolls on your legs are getting smaller, sniff sniff.

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