Monday, October 26, 2009

she's a fighting Mangino.

If Emmy and Coach Mangino (ku football) were to enter a "fattest cheeks" contest, who would win? Man, this is a tough one to decide. I think he would win just by virtue of size of cheeks. But if we talk proportions, Emmy can hold her own.

Here's my lil punkin at the pumpkin patch. It was such a windy day, but she was a champ. She really loves being outside!
Here's my happy little girl hanging out watching some Baby Einstein! Yes, I have a couch potato. And yes, I might be enabling that habit.

This past weekend we traveled to my parents, then drove to Lawrence for the KU-OU football game. Chris was happy with the outcome, the rest of us ....NOT SO MUCH. The weather was beautiful, the trees were beautiful, and Lawrence is just beautiful. Again, Emmy did GREAT. She slept through about half the game. Wise girl. Who wants to watch their team get beat?
Little (or big) bit turns 3 months old here in a week and a half. I truly can't believe it! I have no idea where time has gone. I can't really remember life before Emmy (except I do know I had more time to do crafts)....but I'm OK with it all. I'd much rather take a little less sleep, less time to myself, more rushing around, etc to have this little girl. Completely worth 18 weeks of progesterone shots, 11 weeks of bedrest, no caffeine or wine, 40 extra pounds and too many doctors appointments to count.

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