Friday, April 26, 2013

Emmy See, Emmy Do

Last night:

Set Scene: Emmy on toilet, Chris sitting on side of tub waiting for her to finish, me in front of the mirror, Nora in bed

Me: (examining hair in mirror, open drawer, find tweezers, pull out a red hair). "Oh no, this hair was losing color, it was going gray".
Emmy: "Mommy let me see".
Me: (hand hair over to emmy to show her how the hair is black on one end and red/going gray on the other)

Next Scene: Emmy and I in bathroom this morning.

Emmy: "Mommy, can I have those squeezy things?"
Me: (open drawer, give tweezers to Emmy)
Emmy: (puts tweezers atop head) "Can you help me? It's right here" (points me in direction to strand of hair)
Me: (pull hair, give to Emmy)
Emmy: "Oh NO!  I think I'm going black.  I mean, I think I'm going gray"

Oh dear.

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