Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm goin through the big D and do mean Dallas

It's midnight!!! I am SO going to be paying for this tomorrow. I've mentioned it before, but its worth saying again: If I stay up late, then Nora wakes up early. NEVER.FAILS

Oh well. 

Tomorrow ill be going to the big D and I do mean Dallas. First stop will be to pick my sister up at Dallas Love Field then on to DFW to go pick up our friends(another sister pair).  This is my first trip away from Nora, bittersweet yet probably needed. I've been inexplicably more attached to her than to Emmy. Actually, I can explain it, but its a long explanation. Let's simply say that I am holding tight and enjoying every moment with her. Well, trying to enjoy it even though at any given moment in our house Nora is crying bc who knows why, and Emmy's crying because she's getting neither attention nor understanding from Chris and me. Oh, I digress. 

Anyway, per Chris' request I have left a nearly hour by hour schedule for Nora. Emmy is staying Saturday noon-Sunday afternoon in claremore with Chris' parents and Nora will be out there all Sunday while Chris works on our vegetable garden at our house. 

I'm not even gone yet I already miss my girls yet I know that this weekend is needed. I hope to even sleep in....maybe all the way until 6am? How sweet would that be.

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