Thursday, October 18, 2012

the post in which i confess

So a quick poll...who out there in blog land knows that I'm no longer in school?


That lasted about 4 days.

The master plan went something like this:  I would take 9 hours (a full graduate load) and use the rest of my time to study during the hours of 8 to 5.  The girls would attend school during those same hours so that I could be distraction free.  I would take 3 semester and be done December 2013.

Sounded like a good plan.

I prayed about it many times.

Seemed like it was going to work.


The problem?

I had not been in school for 3 1/2 years and I was jumping right back into it, right where I left off.  I keep thinking that maybe had I only been out of it for a year or so then I would have been OK.  But who knows if even that would have worked.

It became very apparent, very quickly that it was not going to work.  I was so drained by the end of the day, mentally checked out.  Chris can handle me being in my own la-la land...but the girls?  No.  They deserve better.  See, no matter whether I am a student, work at home, work outside the home, or do a bit of both- my number one job is to be MOM.  It was physically and emotionally impossible for me to be MOM during my first week of school.  So did what any financially smart person would do. WITHDRAW AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM A PRIVATE SCHOOL SO YOU CAN GET 90% OF YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

So what was next?  Well, a monumental ankle sprain on my first training run for the Tulsa Run...which still hurts by the way.  Universe:1, me:0....oh, how I digress.

Next up was...working on my resume, buying a suit and start distributing my resume.  The oil and gas industry is a small one, both a good thing and a bad thing.  In my case, for this instance, it was a very good thing.  I ended up interviewing fairly quickly with 2 companies and received a quick offer from the first one that I interviewed with.  I accepted and started work on September 28.

I am now at Laredo Petroleum (downtown in the Bank of America building) and have been there for 3 weeks.  I have an office!  It's an interior one but I seriously do not care, I am just so grateful to have an office.  It's been especially nice b/c I can just close and lock the doors and MOOOOOO away.

So, that's my life update.  Hopefully I remembered everything, leave me a comment if there's something I've left out!


  1. I love how you save stuff up like a squirrel and then just unload it all at once ; )

    I'm proud of you for making the decision that you did. I know it wasn't an easy one, but it seems like it was the right one for you guys. School can literally suck the life out of you.

    P.S. I'm thankful for my office too. Unfortunately mine doesn't have a lock, so I'm considering getting a picture of a cow on a dairy and putting it on my door after kiddo gets here and I go back to work.

  2. I just asked our mutual friend about you the other day and she shared some of this info with me. I'm sorry that you had you make a choice, but think that you absolutely made the right one. And, it's pretty awesome that you found another job so quickly.


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