Friday, October 26, 2012

iphone friday 10/26/2012

iphone friday time!  This past week has flown by, both a good thing and a bad thing.  Fall has finally hit and it is going to get below freezing this weekend.  My cousin and her hubby are on their way to visit us from KS and tomorrow we meet with a sleep coach about Nora's sleep.  She sleeps at least 9 hours in one stretch at night, but when she falls asleep at 7am...that can mean a 4am wakeup...not cool! Some mornings she wakes at 5, some mornings at 630. We are hoping to come out of this consultation with a way to make her sleep more consistent.

So onto our past week:
1.  I caught Nora sucking her thumb one morning.  Man, wouldn't that be nice if she took to her thumb so we didn't have to go do 430am paci reinsertions.
2.  She loves chewing on hats (and paper, and bottle nipples, and spoons and.....)
3.  My little helper
4. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, let me personally welcome you to downtown.
5.  Emmy and Jackson playing either a) beauty shop or b) doctor
6.  Took Emmy with me to the post office to mail a gift, decided to weigh her there.  35#3oz
7.  Nora rockin my new earwarmer/headband
8. Cousin fun at the "thunder up" game last Friday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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