Friday, October 5, 2012

iphone Friday 10/05/2012

I dedicate this post to my cousin Gina, who called me out on my lack of posting.

First up, the Nora collage:
I am still not able to capture a whole lot of smiles from our babe, but she is getting to be so much fun. Apparently she rolls (only at daycare, not at home), she is sitting up taller, really tries to communicate, tried a chunk of honeydew melon this week and still refuses to sleep through the night. Which reminds me to take the following note to self: never again brag about your 5 week old daughter who sleeps through the night, she will use it against you at 8 weeks old and continue to do so well after her 6th month:

Annnd moving on to our eldest:

she is trying to learn how to kick a soccer ball- but when one sometimes still falls while running, then one also has a hard time doing more advanced skills, she attended a parade in Tahlequah today courtesy of Aaron and Alex (what would we do without you all, you ring out the absolute sweetest side of our girl), she is using her imagination and creating her own balance beams, and she continues to just be really cute. She comes by it very naturally. She is learning Spanish at school, yoga and sign language. I am amazed by her progress and potential.

Tonight daddy is taking "Nora duty" and I am sleeping upstairs. I know what's going to happen: some spinoff amended version of Murphy's law: Nora is going to sleep all through the night. But in the event that she doesn't, he has a thermos full of hot water and a bottle in an ice pack right next to his bed. The monitor is turned up much louder than normal and all doors are cracked for extra passage of sound waves. Goodnight blog land. I'm off to enjoy 6+ hours of consecutive sleep. (Really hope I don't wake up as a result of habit)

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