Saturday, January 7, 2012

recap of the past week

Monday:  day off of work, yay! Take down Christmas decorations and enjoy some family time.
Tuesday: Dr Appt and 1 hour glucose screening test.  Found out I am 1cm dilated and 60% effaced.  Ordered to partial bed rest and told to do ONLY the essentials at home (shower, get dressed, bathroom....).  I am still cleared to work, but have another appointment this coming Friday that will give us a more clear direction.  Ended the day over at labor and deliver to monitor to make sure I wasn't having contractions.  I don't have them while laying down, but getting up and around does cause me to have them.
Wednesday: First day of trying to do "nothing" while at home with a toddler.....interesting but not terrible.  She's more adaptable then I give her credit for.
Thursday: More of the same
Friday:  OB office calls to let me know I failed my 1 hour test on Tuesday and I GET to come back Monday to do the fasting 3 hour test.  I plan to show up at soon as they open so I can eat lunch pronto afterwards!


  1. Booooo to partial bedrest and a not so great report at the doctor. I pray that your body will cooperate for you to bake Miss Nora a bit longer. And that you don't have GD ...

  2. I'd be very cranky if I had to fast >:(


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