Thursday, October 20, 2011

time to blog....

So I'm am home with "sick" child.  By "sick" I really mean: the daycare called to say she had 3 loose #2's and had to come home.  I brought her home, she watched "tooey" (toy story) then wrestled with herself in bed for an hour before falling asleep for a nap.  I think we are ok, but whatev...back to school tomorrow.

I have found that since parenthood entered my life, my crafting has severely taken a hit.  Even though the house needs cleaned, dinner could be started and the kitchen is a wreck- I decided to craft! HAH, take that house.  You came in 2nd place, AGAIN!

Here is my first Pinterest inspired craft.  Materials list: old frame & mat, sparkle paper that was in my paper stash, printable subway art that I found somewhere on the good old WWW.
Second craft of the day.  Materials list: pumpkin that a coworker gave me, probably 10 year old black acrylic paint and a sponge brush with a circular head.
I'm thinking Emmy's nap is probably close to being over, so I probably shouldn't try to squeeze in any more free crafts for the day...but you never know.  We may just create something once she wakes up.


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