Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thinking of a new blog title

If you haven't caught it on FB.......
We would like to introduce you to our baby girl.  She has no name yet and we have not told Emmy about her yet.  Judge us if you want....but until you've spent a day in our shoes answering 10,000 or so questions about "where'd ______ go?", then just believe me when I say it's best to hold out just a bit longer.  We are thinking maybe once the belly becomes a hinderance we will start explaining.  I have hope, with as baby infatuated as Emmy is, that this transition will be a good one.

On Friday I will be 19 weeks and little girl is due around March 23.  Chris' bday is March 18 so I think it'd be great if she came just a few days early to give him an amazing 30th bday present.

Thank you all who have been with me, and checking up on me during the past 10 months....


  1. That is AWESOME! Congratulations!!! :) Here's to a healthy next 4-5 months! :)

  2. So excited, of course! I love baby girls, and since I still think your first is one of the cutest girls on the PLANET, I can only imagine how cute #2 will be as well! And of course, I'll be excited to get sewing...;)


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