Monday, March 7, 2011

a year and a half plus one

Oh my goodness, I just realized something...Emmy is 19 months old.  I had an online draft of this post titled as 18 months! This past month has been SO much fun.  I swear this little girl has learned an extreme amount this month: from words to actions to imitations to how to give the stink eye.

Here's a sampling of our past month.
  • Words: apple, beep beep, classmates names, coat, dude, me( for please), snow, cupcake, Elmo, Ice cream (eye-kee), cold, up, sticker, sucker, color, wind 
  • Walking and running very well now.... we are still working on the running part a little.
  • Stomping right foot when she doesn't get her way...oh terrible two's and three's, here we come!
  • Snowmageddon 2011: we survived! Emmy loved the NOOOOO (snow).  She honestly didn't mind the cold, she's such a nature girl.  We also baked ALOT and Emmy enjoyed the fruit of her mother's labor.
  • At Emmy's 18 month appt (it was in late February) she came in at 25# 10 ounces, 32.25".  She is definitely a good size girl and bigger than I was when I was two.  I am hopeful that she will be at least an inch or two taller than me as an adult!  We also found out that she had strep (showing NO symptoms) and the dr diagnosed her as having asthma.  SO.....we have been doing our amoxicillin morning and night along with the steroid inhaler.  I can't even begin to describe how much that has helped.
  • Emmy likes to carry her lovey (which she calls BABY) in her neck, kind of like a violin.
  • We bought her some cool sunglasses at babies r us.  If i can get her to keep them on for more than 10 seconds, I'll grab a pic.
  • Says "poot" when toots, then when prompted says her version of "excuse me".  She poots alot and quite loud.  In fact, I mistook her poot for an adult poot the other day in the car.
  • Will say thank you often, without prompting (well, it's still nah-noo and it's TOOO cute)
  • Loves little mandarin oranges and big regular oranges
  • She prefers walking up and down steps instead of crawling.
  • Emmy is also understanding what UP means, thanks to "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star"
  • She is actively moving along to these songs: Twinkle Twinkle, Ring Around the Rosie, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Her fave song is Row Row Row Your Boat.  We grab each others hands and rock back and forth to the song.  She has become obsessed with it lately and wants it every 5 minutes.
  • Speaking of obsession with things:  We are still watching Rudolph at least 2x per day.  And, whenever I pick Emmy up from school she expects a juice cup in my purse.  She gets a *little* upset if it's not there.
  • We took our first trip to the zoo with Emmy's friend, Eli Tracy.  She loved it and was so glad Eli was around to show her the ropes.
  • She is wearing size 5 shoe, sized 5 diaper (but it's starting to get a bit snug) and mainly 24 month & 2t clothes.

 PS: collage to follow.......I'm still out of commission in the "big" computer department and the Dell Mini doesn't have enough memory on it to run Picasa.  :( 

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