Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kiss The Fish

Today has been SOOOO much fun!

It started with dinner last night with friends and their two little girls.  They are older and Emmy LOVES watching big kids and mimicking.  This morning she slept in until 645 (I know this doesn't sound like sleeping in, but lately she has been waking very early on the weekends).  Then we got ready and headed up to my parents' house.  Emmy did alright in the car and was happy to get to Mimi and Papa's house.  She took a short nap.  It would have been longer, but I changed her poopy diaper during her nap and it woke her up.  So then, since it was such a beautiful day we decided to go fishing.  It was me, Emmy, Chris and Uncle Jay Jay.  Each of us caught 3-4 fish and Emmy touched every single one.  She even gave one a kiss before we threw it back, before Chris threw it back in.  SIDENOTE: I neither touch fish nor touch worms.

She is such a nature girl and had so much fun.  We fished for probably 45 minutes and she played on the golf cart like a big girl.

Another favorite of today was saying Uncle Jay Jay's name.  She doesn't really say "Jay Jay"...but it is distinguishable.

{L to R: Emmy, Dada, Uncle Jay Jay with his tongue sticking out}
{Emmy kissing the little perch}
{Emmy and Uncle Jay Jay playing with nightcrawlers} 
{proof positive.  I..HATE. FISH}

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