Thursday, February 24, 2011

January collage in detail

1. Playing at Whiteside park before Snowmageddon Two Thousand and Eleven.
2. On our way to take Valentines pictures
3. Bathing with Cousin Jackson(a year difference in age), I think we managed to keep most private parts covered.
4. “enjoying” the snow
5. Watching Dadoo (Rudolph) on a snow day
6. Trying to get dressed. It has been fun to watch Emmy develop these skills. She can get socks on now!
7. Playing peek a boo on neighbor Mike's truck
8. Helping out in the tub and getting a drink of water simultaneously
9. Need I explain?
10. Sledding down the snow packed street
11. Hugs for cousin Halle( 6 weeks apart) at aunt Eden's shower
12. Perfecting the art of "chopsticking"
13. Because sometimes, your belly just needs to be accessible
14. Hugging the steering wheel. Honestly, I have no idea here.
15. Primping
16. Eating peanut butter by the spoonful.

Number 16 makes her daddy grin ear to ear. Like father, like daughter.

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  1. Number 13....haha it's a fav!! Jackson is slowly losing his big belly....I'm gonna miss it!!!


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