Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning to You


Last night, around 3:45am, your daddy and mommy heard you making noises on the monitor.  They left you alone for about 10 minutes but then they could tell in your voice that you were unhappy.  Your mommy told your daddy that she would go check on you, and that if she wasn’t back in three minutes to bring some milk in a sippy.  So three minutes later, your daddy came in and you downed your milk like it was going out of style.  Your mommy started to put you into bed when you reached out your hand, touched her face and so gently said “mama”.  As in “Mama, thank you so much for coming in here to rock me and sing to me.  I love you”.  She then placed you in your crib, turned on your music and caressed your back for a minute.  You told each other “night night” and then everyone went back to sleep.  After watching all of this happen, I can safely say that each must love the other very  much.

As told by: the fly on the wall



  1. Absolutely adorable and so, so sweet. They melt your heart don't they?


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