Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Real "1 Year Old" Post

It feels like I've just now had time to breathe after Emmy's party- this may be the shortest, most non-informative post b/c I have been REALLY bad about writing things down the past month.  So, here goes nuttin-

  • You are walking along the furniture, still using your music/push toy, and you also turn EVERYTHING into a push toy that can be (your music table, empy boxes, the abacus, etc)
  • You are a pro at climbing stairs.
  • Just lately, you've allowed us to help you walk.  You really prefer your push toys.
  • You have 3 new teeth! Left Lateral Incisor on July 12.  Right Central Incisor July 28 and Left Central Incisor Aug 2.  So what does this mean?  Your front left tooth is shorter than the other two, kinda looks like snaggle teeth!  But I love them.
  • You wear a size 5 diaper, 18-24 month clothing, and a size 3 shoe (you hate shoes though and can get them off faster than a Ferrari can do 0 to 60)
  • Dr Evil's not the only one with a "mini-mi" are really starting to mimic us:  brushing teeth, putting on shoes, trying to put any article of clothing on your head.
  • I thought it was really cute at first when you mimicked "shhhhhh"...but now you just use it as an excuse to pick your nose.
  • We helped celebrate Braden Roberts' 4th Birthday, this was your first non family birthday party!
  • Your fave word: papa.  But you really accent the second syllable.  Other words: baby, mah (at the table, means "more"), tha??????, mama, dada, puh-peeeeeeeee...and lots of other noises that I'm sure mean something in emmy-language.
  • We had an illness free month, hallelujah.
  • and in RE to previous statement, this also means that you are back to sleeping through the night (most nights)
  • You sleep in some crazy positions.
  • Cheez-Its...need I say more?
  • During the last week of July, we took a trip to Granby, Co.  We left Friday and drove out to Limon, Co.  You did....OK.  We turned your carseat to forward facing for the trip, and I think it took you awhile to adjust to the new view. 
  • You are a big ol' bully!  You tried to beat up on your baby cousins and you loved to pull the ruffles on their clothes.  (to your credit, once you finally tackled them, all you really wanted was to give them kisses and hugs).
  • You are still a lover, not a fighter.  In fact, when your daddy came home from work the other day you put your arms out and pulled him in by his collar to give him a big bear hug.
  • You are becoming much more comfortable in the pool and will kick momentarily while lying on your back.  You love to blow bubbles and we are almost to the point where we don't have to blow on your face before we dunk you in the water.
  • Almost instantaneously, when I pick you up off the ground, you start throwing kisses.  Sometimes you get wild and crazy and throw kisses originating from your ears!
  • Ready for the locker room, you are great at giving High Fives.
  • On a few of the birthday collage pictures, we captured a few of your "crinkle nose" poses.  You crinkle your nose, breathe in and out rapidly, and tilt your head to the's so cute, and you know it!
  • You are such a joy and I hope you have enjoyed your first year.  You are still very laid back and you are wonderful at entertaining yoruself.  When we are out in public, you still stare people down until they look at you- it's too cute and always makes everyone laugh.  You received alot of books for your birthday and I hope you start to enjoy reading as you get older. 
  • Your daddy and I pray all the time to be the parents and role models that you need to become the best woman you can be.  You are loved by so many and you have enriched our lives beyond belief....
  • oh ,and you are famous- your picture was on the morning news for your birthday...I'll try to get a recorded clip.
Just for old timesake, this is what you were up to a year little baby.


  1. Happy birthday!!!! I miss you girls! Let's have a meet up soon!!

  2. THanks for commenting! I didn't realize you had a blog as well. I am totally following!



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