Friday, August 27, 2010

Girly things...boy's divert your eyes

OK, so if you are a boy and are reading (I'm probably only talking to my husband here and he's heard all my thoughts anyway)...however, if you are a boy- you'll probably just want to go google the standings in the AL and NL and tell me what's the average # of games the last place team falls behind the first.

Onto the real post- I have given myself a pat on the back already, but I felt like bragging.  Is that OK?  I'm really not a bragging type of girl, BUT- I can FINALLY put my Medela Freestyle away!  Well, I'm not going to put it away JUST yet.  I've heard you can have these random relapses days after - but it's been 3 days without using it and I think I'm in the clear.

In the last 3 days, I have freely eaten and sipped on anything that I want....and WOW it has been awesome. 

When I was pregnant with Emmy it was inevitable that people would ask if I planned on bf her.  My answer was, "we will see how it goes.  I will give it an honest try and if it works, then great!  If it doesn't, she'll be fine".  I know there's a new trend going on where adoptive mothers take medicine to make themselves lactate, but I think that's something new since 1982.  I was a formula baby and I think I turned out just fine.  Oh, yeah, a few idiosyncrasies here and there and alot more pet peeves than most- but...I still think I'm ok.  But I digress.  Back to the point...I wasn't dead set on bf; yet here we are more than 12 months later and I DID IT! 

It wasn't always easy and it wasn't always convenient.  When Emmy was born she had a tight and short frenulum which resulted in her tongue not being able to go out past her bottom lip.  Not a big deal, right?  WRONG....when it's all about good latch, good latch, good latch- this makes it very hard.  Finally, when she was 6 weeks old, a doctor recommended we have it clipped.  That made a world of difference.

Then there's the nighttime feedings.  I understand that part of being a parent is having those midnight wake up calls, but when you are are it!  My husband was SO helpful during our awake hours, but really- what help could he be in the middle of the night? 

There were a few other inconveniences here and there (such as pumping on a plane on vacation b/c Emmy was not with me), not wanting to nurse while teething, and adversely not wanting to take bottles other times.  But now that we are done with all that, those are just minor memories. 

I know all "the people" say that bf is really supposed to help in illnesses....but after multiple ear infections, RSV, pneumonia and too many bouts of puking and diarrhea- I'm not completely sold on that "fact".  But, maybe "they" are right, who knows- I guess it may have been worse.  I don't know about the health factor, but I do know that I saved some serious $$$.  And nothing feels better than being thrifty.

This coming week, I will use up the last bag of frozen milk.  We are slowly weaning Emmy to whole milk and then we need to get rid of the bottle.  She puked today at school- I'm not sure if it's because of the transition or because of a stomach bug going around.  Either way, I guess we are still not out of the clear of her being a puky child.  I wonder if she'll always be susceptible to "Pukey McPuke Face" type of illnesses.  (that's the endearing term I use for her when she has tummy issues...aren't I just the sweetest mom ever?)

I just heard a strange noise from her monitor, going to check on her to make sure she didn't barf.

Oh, for your viewing pleasure- Emmy took a 3 hr afternoon nap and was feeling much better this evening.  I caught this cute shot of her.


  1. Congratulations mommy!! I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I was sad it ended BUT it was such a freeing experience and more comfortable! I want to calculate how much money we saved because that alone has to be HUGE! I don't know if I believe the sickness stuff or anything but the bonding is for sure!

  2. You deserve to brag! Such an awesome thing you did. You're a free woman...until you get pregnant again that is. I know you have baby fever:)


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