Saturday, April 24, 2010

She's Growing Up Too Fast...sniff

My little newborn who liked to sleep.
At 1 month old, only if hungry would you make a peep.
At 2 months old, you had started school.
You can't see it here, but at 3 months you're starting to drool.
4 months along, and loving the hats.
5 months old in the sink for a bath.
1/2 a year old and sitting so tall
7 months old and ruling it all

243 days old, you can now eat some beef
Because you're a big girl and got 2 new teeth.

Even on the days that you barely nap,
when you smile at me I turn into a sap,
even at 3am when the monitor lights up with your cries,
just one cuddle from you and my frustration subsides,

even through many doctor appointments just to find you are not sick,
even through you looking away when I try to get "that pic",
even through the tears that fall when you don't get your way,
even through the four poopy diapers a day,
even through the fights just to go to sleep,
even through the car rides home when all you do is weep,

I can't help but love you more and more each day
My prayer is that you feel it in every single way.


  1. This was super sweet! I hope that you will print it out and save it for her to read when she gets older! :)

  2. So sweet and special. She is just adorable and I know you are a AMAZING mama! Keep up the good work girl!


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