Tuesday, April 6, 2010

8 Months Old...That's 2/3 of a Year

I can't believe Emmy is 8 months old! She is so busy nowadays.
A recap of the past month:
  • You can turn circles on your tummy and your arms are getting really strong. You have started moving your legs, but no real crawling yet. That's ok though, things are still safe around the house!
  • You love the jumperoo at school. When you jump you kick your legs out, then you bring your toes back together to land. It's so cute!
  • You give the best kisses and hugs. When you give kisses, you open your mouth wide and grab onto the sides of faces and dive in.
  • You take a bottle when you wake, cereal around 830, bottle around 945, lunch around 1130, bottle again around 1230, dinner at 530 and nurse for bedtime (645-715)
  • I will say, hesitantly, that you are sleeping through the night. The past week you have been coughing and waking yourself up.
  • You have 2 new teeth! The lower right just came through on the 4th and your lower left broke through today, the 6th. This is another reason why you aren't sleeping through the night. I'm hoping that once the cough gets better and the teeth completely emerge, you will sleep soundly once again.
  • You turn to the sound of your name.
  • You love food, any kinda any flavor. You have the chewing motion down really well, so we give you alot of new food to try.
  • You can pull yourself up when we are holding your hands, but you haven't really extended that to pulling up on furniture.
  • You anticipate things when we play. It's funny b/c you will start laughing before I even start tickling you. (Collarbone and thighs are the most ticklish areas)
  • Your favorite word right now is "ba"...I need to get video of this and post it.
  • Your hair is getting so much thicker! But it still looks like you have a receding hairline.
  • You are wearing a size 4 diaper.
  • When you are excited about things, you make a sound that resembles a steam boat? Not real sure how to describe, I need to get this on video also.
  • You finally learned how to roll from your back to your tummy on Mar 29. Although we are excited for this milestone, we are realizing that it now takes longer to change a diaper.
  • We spent your first Easter up at my parents in KS (aka Turkey Foot Lodge). We bought a matching outfit for you and Grace.
  • You are happy 99.9% of the time and you love people. There are no signs of stranger anxiety at this point. You make everyone smile and you have the most addicting giggle.
  • We love you more and more everyday. You have enriched our lives beyond anything we could have expected. I hope you always stay as sweet as you are right now. I pray that we are/will be the parents that you need us to be so that you may grow into a wonderful Christian woman.

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