Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, I know it's supposed to be cold here tomorrow but I would rather be here than in Indianapolis. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 1degree F....if they're lucky.

So, I didn't make resolutions this year- I haven't made resolutions for a few years now. But, I do have a few hopes for the next year:

  1. spend less money on the house and save more ( i know this is only 1/2way voluntary, the other 1/2 is based on repairs, etc)
  2. bake more cookies (i used to bake more often, i think it's a direct reflection of the stress in my life and the way i let it affect me)
  3. do more arts and crafts (this one goes hand in hand with the rationale behind #2)
  4. print more pictures to update frames in the house

HIGH for the day: catching up on DVR'd shows tonight

LOW for the day: it got colder throughout the day, not cool!


  1. Let's make more trips to Purple Glaze then! Always remember the wise words of my Granny Dora, "You should never count the amount of money you spend on arts and crafts because once you add it up, it'll always be cheaper than therapy."

  2. yo jordan - it's wes imel. just saw this, i'm gonna rss you - i'm at


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