Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm From.....Korea

So....today was my second "first day of class". Only 2 more to go. This evening I had my first real master's level course, Advanced Reservoir Engineering. I know- it sounds exciting, right? Well our teacher wanted us to go around and say our names, where we're from and what we're studying. There are about 40 students in the class and I was about the 30th one to introduce myself. There were quite a few students from China, a few from Vietnam, Iran...you name 'em and they were there. I tried to listen and understand each person, but some of the accents were so thick that it was really hard to comprehend. Then it got to me. If someone out on the street were to ask me where I was from, I would just reply "Oklahoma". I'm not sure if it was nerves, or the fear of being shunned from the class. But when it came time for me to introduce myself i said "Jordan and I'm from Korea, but I only lived there 3 months. I've been in America for 26 years." I was afraid of being an outsider by saying I was from America. I know the story doesn't do the situation justice, but it made me laugh hysterically on the inside. I felt like such a fish out of water. Yes- I realize I'm asian on the outside but I'm such a white girl on the inside. Your typical twinkie.

One day of class down- only how many more to go? Agh.
I'm off to watch the Office.

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