Sunday, April 27, 2014

29 Weeks {the last}

Here we are...the first update of the LAST trimester . Holy moly, the countdown is on!

boobs, belly, backfat.....they all continue to grow!

Baby's size: According to Babycenter, baby should be 15" from head to heel and weigh 2.5#.
How far along: 29 weeks
Total weight gain: Ugh, why did I ever include this question on my update??? This morning, the home scale told me that I'm up 26# total, which puts me up around 5# since the 26week mark. EDIT: It's Monday and I just got back from the Y, I weight in there and it said I'm only up who knows.  Either way, at 29 weeks- I've basically entered the range of the amount of TOTAL weight you are supposed to gain for your whole pregnancy. =(
Sleep:  Sleep is going pretty well, I usually wake up around 4am to go pee.
Maternity Clothes: I'd say I'm in 80% maternity clothes.  I can still swing non maternity shorts/pants for working out and my medium T-shirts still fit (but they are living on borrowed time)
Food cravings: None. Zero. Zip Zilch. 
Food aversions: Water, carbs, sweets, anything with too much flavor
Symptoms: My body is starting to get tired again and I'm finding it harder to breathe.
Stretchmarks: None that I can see, but I feel like my belly is sticking out much further than it did for the other pregnancies- so there's still time!
Doctor’s Appointment: Appt coming up this Thursday.  We tried to do an elective 4d ultrasound this past week but the baby was not being cooperative- so we will try again in a week and a half.  I also had an appointment right before I hit 28 weeks, everything looked good and I passed my 1 hour glucose tolerance test!!
Movement: Tons of movement, mostly when I'm trying to go to sleep :)
Belly Button: Poking out a little on the left side, I have a feeling it's going to do a "full pop" this time around.
Best moment of the week: I guess this is a good thing, but it's only started happening the past 2 weeks that people can tell that I'm obviously pregnant.  I have felt that way for awhile, but it's kind of nice to move from the "maybe she's just had too much beer and fries" to the "she's definitely pregnant" assumption.
What I’m looking forward to: Food tasting good and my breasts and belly not touching each other when I sit down :)
What I miss: Being "nice".  I'm not a naturally "sweet" person, but pregnancy has made me very cranky and temperamental.  I'm ready to have my tank filled with more patience, caring and love.  In the meantime, I'm really having to work EXTRA hard at those things.

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