Wednesday, May 22, 2013

14 months {nora}

This month has been such a fun one.  Nora is becoming more independent since mastering crawling.  She is also demanding to do/have everything that Emmy does/has.  In fact, just tonight she handed over her little bear paw for her nails to be trimmed.  She usually hates this tradition, but because Emmy was enjoying it- Nora decided to enjoy it too.  Now, if we can just work on modeling Emmy's behavior to be perfect then we could have 2 perfect children.  HAH.

Here's a little sampling of our last month: swim lessons, cuddling, sitting nakey in the sun whilst eating dum dums, Mother's Day, and more nakey bodies taking a bath in the front yard in a 56qt Rubbermaid tub.

And the obligatory photo comparison.

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