Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter to Nora, from Daddy

My Sweet Little Nora Lee,

Happy birthday to you!  Your first year has gone by so fast – too fast.  It really doesn't seem that long ago that your Mommy and I were going to the hospital early in the morning to meet you.  You came pretty quickly once we got there, I know Mommy was pretty happy about that.  We have had a busy year and I wish it wouldn't have been so busy so that I could have held you more.  You like to be held and rocked so I hope we get to do that plenty as you get older.  We really couldn't tell who you looked like and we still haven’t figured out.  You look a little like Mommy and me but you are your own, distinct, pretty little girl.  We get quite a few comments and looks from people when you are with us, just in awe of what a pretty girl you are.

You are such a sweet little girl also.  You give the sweetest looks and I just love how you look at me and other people that love you.  Your pretty brown eyes melt my heart every time I look at you.  You have been content to just sit in people’s laps or just sit on the ground, so you haven’t done a lot of moving yet.  When you do start moving around, Mommy and I think you will be moving a lot!  You are starting to talk to us more and point and do quite a few more things.  All of your talking and gestures are just so sweet, every time.  Every time you accomplish something new, you get pretty excited and I can tell you are pretty proud of yourself. 

You are going to be growing up around two wonderful ladies – your mommy and big sister.  Your big sister sure does love you, maybe too much sometimes and you don’t like it.  You will let her know about it!  I love seeing you two interact and I can’t wait to experience how you two will interact as you get older.  Like I told your big sister when she was born, God made mommy to be your mommy.  She loves you so much.  You are really a miracle and a blessing to mommy and me.  We lost two babies in between the time you and Emmy were born.  Those babies are in heaven and we have you here on earth.  God blessed us with you – we are so thankful for you.  I pray that I can be the best daddy I can be to you.  I have a lot to learn about raising girls and I hope that you know how much I love you through my actions and my words. 


Your Daddy


  1. This the sweetest, most precious token of love. In the future, Nora will feel so lucky to have this. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Misti. I think he's a pretty special daddy to our two little ones. Our only fear? What if we have a boy next? (not preggers...just sayin). We might need to take some lessons from you and Clint :)


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