Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday Funnies 05/13/2012

I need to get back into the habit of documenting our life, so I am going to resume iPhone Fridays and now starting a "Sunday Funnies" post. I know it's Saturday night, but both girls are asleep-so I'm writing it now.

Emmy is so frustrating sometimes, but also so funny. I need to change my view on things and start looking more at the humor and stop focusing so much on the challenges.

So for my first installment of "Sunday Funnies", I want to share some funny things that Emmy has said to our wonderful nanny. Her name is Alex.

Story 1, a few weeks ago:
A: Emmy, what do you want for lunch?
E: Aaron! (Alex's husband)
A: silly, we can't eat people.
E: Nora eats mommy!

Story 2, this week. Alex had a 2 question questionnaire for Emmy that she wrote down on a mother's day card for me:
A: Why do you live your mommy?
E: cuz (answer to everything right now)
A: well, what does your mommy do that makes you lover her?
E: pumps Nora's milk!

Do we see a pattern here?

Oh, and happy mother's day to me. I have been blessed beyond measure and completely undeserving of these two beautiful girls. Thank you God for this life!



  1. That girl is too funny! I've been wondering what nursing is like with a toddler around. I'm glad to see that it's humorous!

    1. Nursing around a toddler sounds a little like this "close that!" in reference to the nursing bra being down..hah!

  2. Bri is obsessed with my "bootsies" . . . actually not just mine. She likes to talk about Daddy's bootsies as well. She even asks him why brother doesn't eat from them, ha!


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