Friday, August 12, 2011

730 days old!

I think that is 2 years, right?  It's friday and I'm doing mental math, so anything could happen.

My sweetie of a husband went to pick Emmy up from school.  And since I get off early on Fridays that means that I have had plenty of time to make dinner.  Baked alfredo with chicken, bacon and peas is in the oven and Iron Chef is on TV.  I'm having good times, myself.

My apologies that this comes a week late, I've had people asking about a birthday here it is!

We decided to go with a little Toy Story theme.  It was non commercial and a little more just "western".  As of late this has been Emmy's go to show.  She calls it "two-ee".  You know, like TOY+STORY=TWO-EE.  In April this movie officially replaced Rudolph.  If you've been around for awhile, you know what Rudolph meant to this child.  I found it only appropriate to have two-ee things at her 2nd birthday.

The par-tay started around 1030 with all guests arriving by 1050.  We started by coloring paper bags that had a Toy Story coloring page glued on.  These became candy bags for the horse pinata.  After coloring- everyone changed into their birthday swim suits and we went outside to demolish the pinata.  We magically got 8 or so 2-3 year olds stand in a line and about 1/2 of them partook in swinging the Swiffer stick at the horse.  Have you ever seen how hard a 2-3 year old can swing a stick?  Take your socks off, put a dowel rod between your middle toes and swing.  Yep, that's it.

So we assisted a little, the candy comes pouring out and everyone stores up their future sugar high in their time to swim.  The pool was surprisingly refreshing (maybe had something to do with all the water we had to add b/c the 110*+ temperatures were sucking our pool dry) and I think everyone had a good time.

After swimming we came inside and chowed down on food that is best appreciated by a toddler: corn dogs, hot dogs, pizza rolls, mac n cheese cups, applesauce, fruit kabobs, juice boxes, strawberry cupcakes with the worlds most amazing buttercream icing and sugar cookies.  I also offered water, tea and cherry limeade just in case the adults didn't feel like a juice box =)

After lunch we all sang happy birthday to Emmy as she stared in awe and then opened presents.

We were blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family at the party, and one non family friend.  Emmy had a wonderful time and has enjoyed everything she received.

Now, instead of posting pictures in the post I'm going to include a link to the gallery.  It's on Facebook but you can still access it without being a member.

Stay tuned for a 2 year update that highlights all of Emmy's misbehaving happenings.

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