Wednesday, July 6, 2011

23 Month Collage

We have had a very busy 23rd month, and have LOVED it!
Here's what we have been up to (L to R, Top to Btm)
1. Swimming. Goggles, Puddle Jumper floaties and Emmy in her "pool"<--The small floaty disk thing that she is in.
2. Watching fireworks @ Stone Canyon.
3. Cousin Grace came for a visit. Emmy calls her GeeGee (hard G)
4. Probably talking about an "owie".
5. Picking apples with Grandpa.
6. Reading books with cousin "Jacksee".
7. Just chillin.
8. At a wedding this past weekend.
9. Walking around the U of A campus.
10. Sippin on some cold lemonade at the Samson Picnic (Drillers game).
11. Hangin w/ Bunco after some serious swimming.
12. First haircut!!! (Well, a trim in the back. No longer do we have business in the front and party in the back)

I would stay up and write out the 23rd month update, but think I'll wait for my travelin' man to get home.
Man do I miss him when he's gone. I get so bored that I blog! hah
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