Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 months = 304 days old

I've been battling a sinus infection for 2 weeks and I just feel....ugh.  So since this is the fun, monthly update post- I will try to make it fun.  But to be honest, I'm sitting alone in my house while Emmy is sleeping and my husband is at work late for the 2nd night in a row- and I just don't feel fun.

OK, my pity party is over.

This past month has been so fun with some really cool milestones accomplished.  I hope Emmy really enjoys reading these updates someday.
  • You are clapping, it's too cute!
  • You stare and wave at people until they look back at you with full attention.
  • You can crawl!!!!  You can go from room to room, but you never stray too far.  On May 23rd you crawled your first steps for Aunt Kim.  You never did the army crawl, scoot, etc.  You just went from nothing...to crawling!  I wonder if that's a reflection of your personality, are you going to be an all or nothing kind of girl?
  • You are into a size 5 diaper and 12-18 month clothes and a size 2 shoe.  You really don't like to keep your shoes on though, we'll have to work on that one.
  • You can wave, and you can actually do it when we say "Emmy, can you wave?" (well, you do it about 75% of the time.  I think you understand but sometimes you just don't feel like doing it)
  • You like to hold your toys and rock them, and sway to music.
  • We are working on simple signing: please, more, thank you and all done.  You are starting to use all done.  We don't allow you out of your high chair until you sign all done (even if that means doing it with assistance).  It's much more enjoyable than listening/watching you scream and stiffen your body in your high chair just because you can.
  • You can go from all fours to crawling, back to all fours.
  • You are pulling up to your knees and I think you are very close to pulling to a standing position.
  • Listening to your own voice might be your favorite activity as of late.  You also make what we call pterodactyl sounds.  Some other popular sounds: growling, dada, mama (but not really used in context), ahh-duh (you make this sound as you are throwing things), and bah (for ball).
  • Woo Pig Sooie!  You took your first trip to Fayetteville to watch a baseball game.  It was soooo hot that day, but you were such a perfect baby. 
  • You start winding down for bed around 630 and are almost always asleep by 715.  It was a little rough there for a week when you learned to crawl.  You just wanted to explore inside your crib instead of taking naps and going to sleep.
  • Ever since you had pneumonia you have been waking somewhere between 330-430 at night.  There are nights here and there when you sleep the whole way through, I am REALLY read for you to return to the wonderful sleeper that you are....maybe it's just a 2 month long growth spurt?
  • You steal the hearts of everyone around you.  One 2-toothed grin and you have them! 
  • You are a sweet little girl and I keep falling more and more in love with you.  You love going to school, and I am so happy for that.  But there are definitely days when I wish we could just stay home all day in PJ's and snuggle (although you aren't really big on snuggling right now since you are becoming so mobile).  Your daddy and I don't know what we did before you, and we don't know what we would do without you.  You have filled a huge void in our lives that we didn't even know existed.  We love you Emmy Christine Sanders.
So blog readers, if you've made it through all this rambling- you definitely deserve a picture.


  1. She's so cute in the new pics... can't believe you will be planning a birthday party soon!

  2. Love you Jordan! She will ABSOLUTELY love reading this one day! :)


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