Friday, March 12, 2010

85, 8pm and dinner.

Let me start off by saying this, I had no idea that geriatrics dined past 5pm. Did you?

Chris and I usually have dinner by 6pm, sometimes we wait until 7 when Emmy is in bed. But while on vacation this weekend, we (ohhh, minus Chris and Emmy...I'm on a sisters trip with my sister and friends)...OK, back to the topic at hand...dinner time. Ok, so we have been eating later in the day. Last night we had dinner at Michelle Bernsteins at the Omphoy. It was delicious, but I couldnt get over all of the gray hair at the restaurant at 9pm.

I guess south FLA is different from Tulsa in more than one way.

Here is view from our room. It has rained non stop since I arrived Thursday afternoon, the sun is supposed to be out Saturday. I have all 10 fingers crossed.

Look at these ducks at the spa, I think I need them for the pool this summer. Please note i say NEED not WANT ;)

My seester and me. I love her, she's the best big seester ever.

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