Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fast Food Faves

So here's my favorite items at my favorite fast food places:

Wendys- what else but frosty and fries, in fact that combo is $1.99 right now
Chick Fil A- nuggets with bbq
Taco Bueno- potato burrito with chicken
Sonic- strawberry lime slush and grilled cheese (when it's actually made correctly)
Arbys- roast beef and curly fries with LOTS of arby's sauce

What about you, any faves or secret items I need to try?


  1. Well, since I have no kitchen ... I'm almost a pro at this!!! I love love love mexi-dips and chips from Bueno (minus the guac + extra beans!) I've been there twice this week! yikes!

  2. amber...i'd agree on that one. It's so sick, but in HS my typical Bueno meal would be mexi dips and chips, potato burrito w/ chicken, party burrito and strawberry fanta.

    Are you kidding me? What is that, a whole day's worth of calories? ugh


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