Friday, July 19, 2013

Colorado 2013 day 1

Going to try my best to document each day of our vacation this year. It may be incohesive, full of sentences that en in prepositions- but I just want to remember what our life was like at this very moment: the good and the bad.

Today has already thrown us a few loops. I'm sure there are many more to come.

Today's schedule went something like this:

Work on last minute project at work
Go to retirement lunch for coworker
Come home and sweat like crazy while packing the car with the hubs
Pick up girls at school and depart at (330....was supposed to be 3pm)
Nora takes a "nap" from 830-1030
Emmy now asleep and Nora is still "trying" at 1145 okie time
Growl at hubby bc he wants me to go to the backseat to sing Nora to sleep.

Next stop is Denver, ETA 120am. We've got miles to go with lots of fun still to be had.


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