Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7*2 months

Our little girl is 14 months old and becoming increasingly more fun and stubborn each day.  Seems that rarely a day passes where she hasn't learned something or picked up a new habit (dear Lord, help me watch my behavior so she picks up good habits from me)

Here's the scoop:
  • Hovering in around 26+ pounds, but walking now so my arm will probably lose some muscle mass in the upcoming months.
  • Red hot chili peppers....phew, I cannot wait for the terrible twos and threes if you are already throwing these temper tantrums.
  • You got your 6th tooth, I need to look at a diagram- but I think it's the right lateral incisor.
  • You have some new words.  Some you can pronounce well, some you can't- but we love them all : book (bk), bottle (bah), banana (bobo), whoa, wow, uh oh (sometimes pronounced ut-boh), car (more like gaaa)
  • I love your school b/c I know we work on body parts with you at home, but you are learning so fast and I know they must be working with you during the day too, you can identify: head, teeth, belly, toes, eyes
  • You are starting to sign! Hallelujah.  You have an "emmy" version of PLEASE and sometimes you'll sign MORE.  We are still working on ALL DONE.  Most of the time you just throw food off your plate, but sometimes you will say "ahhh".
  • I've placed your bin of books on the lower shelf so that you can go pull a book out, read one page, and then pull out another book.  You are a diabolical genius because you then keep us busy until your bedtime and then some how we end up being the ones that get to pick up your mess!
  • You like to hold hands, you like for us to identify objects for you in books or around the room and on occasion you have walked to your high chair to indicate that you are hungry.
  • You are consistently keeping your shoes ON, hooray!  I found a great deal on some Merrells today at Marshalls, I hope they fit!  You wear a size 4 now.
  • You try to helps us get you dressed: put your shoes near your feet, push your hands through the sleeves.....such a big helper!
  • Speaking of helper, hello wipes obsession.  You love to wipe your mouth, wipe the floor, suck on wipe...repeat.  A weird version of a clean freak?
  • You don't like for us to distract you, ie carry you to the bathroom for your bath time if you were doing something else.  But if you enter the bathroom on your own will then we are A-OK!
  • Really though, all of this independence is OK.  I want Emmy to be a strong woman who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes, and to be a little fiesty.
  • You like to climb up your slide and then go back down on your belly, sometimes your bottom.
  • You sleep from about 730 to 630 with 2 short naps inbetween. You are taking milk from a sippy now, but you still take it as though it was a bottle
  • This month you went to the Samson Mid-Continent division picnic and the Tulsa State Fair!
  • We also had a fun night with our neighbors, the Plunketts at the park @ 41st/Riverside

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